McCrory: Caitlyn Jenner should use male facilities in NC


The North Carolina Governor, known for the scandalous anti-trans HB2 law which tells people to use bathroom facilities according to their gender of birth, not their current gender identity, has addressed to the trans reality star. The Governor revealed that if Caitlyn Jenner ever came to North Carolina, she would use man’s bathrooms. only. This was one of the key ideas of his speech during the political debates. Not Jenner herself, HB2 in general. He was asked whether the rule would spread on her if she ever comes to NC, and the answer was ‘yes’.

The Governor’s Democratic opponent Roy Cooper asked McCrory what planet was he on and expressed his own opinion towards HB2 saying: The Democrat continued: “HB2 has to be repealed. It writes discrimination into our law and it has been a disaster for our economy. Paypal, hundreds of jobs, Asheville, hundreds of jobs. This legislation was passed in one day and signed in the middle of the night, but Governor McCrory continues to go across the state saying it is not hurting our economy, he attacks businesses who are opposed to it, and says everything is going fine. We have to pull the business community together, we have to get this law repealed, quit blaming it on other people… what we have to do is repeal House Bill 2 now.”



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