The World Health Organization will consider those people who are unable to find a partner to conceive a child to be infertile


The creators of new World Health Organization standards believe that people who have no sexual contacts (which means, that they are physically unable to conceive a child in a natural way) should also have a right to have children. So, the World Health Organization offers to treat the inability to find a partner or total absence of sexual relationships as a health problem.

According to the report by ‘The Telegraph’, there is a plan to treat men and women who are physically healthy as infertile in cases when they are unable to find sexual partners.

It is believed that such a decision is going to change the definition of the concept of infertility itself. At the moment the World Health Organization defines infertility as a health disorder, the main characteristic of which is inability to get pregnant after 12 months of unprotected sexual contacts.

The authors of the new standards consider that infertility should not be defined as a medical parameter only, and reconsidering the current standards will provide every person with reproductive rights. According to the new standards, inability to find a sexual partner and total absence of sexual contacts which might possibly lead to pregnancy should also be considered as health disorders.

‘The Telegraph’ admits that the new World Health Organization rules would influence on the healthcare policy in different countries and launching of the new standards would make it possible to change the legal standards of using in vitro fertilization as a way of infertility treatment. It also may possibly open the door to creating the commercial system of surrogacy motherhood which is now forbidden by law in many countries.

According to the data provided by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, approximately 10 million children will have been born through In vitro fertilization by the end of 2020. The Mexican boy having three biological parents was born the 6th of April this year thanking to the innovative fertilization method.


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