Tony Perkins thinks that having no army is better than allowing trans people to serve


Anti-gay evangelical activist and the member of Donald Trump’s team has recently made a claim that would be better to disband the American army at all than to give it a right to accept the transgender people.

Speaking on his radio show, he said: “So we see the administration pushing forward without congressional input on integrating transgenders [sic] into our nation’s military. What else can this administration do to the military other than just disband it?”

After that Perkins corrected what he had previously said, the Right Wing Watch reports. “I probably need to take it back when I said that the only thing worse the president could do would be to disband the military.Actually, that might even be better. We’re probably better off without a military that is not compromised, because we think we have a military that’s defending our country and able to do that but we have a military that in many ways is a hollowed-out shell,” the activist recalled.


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