Anglican Church is afraid that gay marriage will turn women into slaves


The Anglican Church has published a special book aimed to oppose gay marriage. The document, titled ‘What Has God Joined Together’, was distributed to members of the Synod this week amid national discussions on equal marriage. It propagates the idea that gay marriage would be “the greatest threat to religious freedom we will ever have seen in Australia”.

It declares: “Same-sex marriage may well function as the breach in the wall that allows the flood of the equality movement into many new areas. The potential for serious threats to churches, schools, Christian organisations and people of faith is real and urgent. “

: “There are some obvious consequences of changing the marriage laws, especially when it comes to children. For male same-sex couples, one of the main options for children is surrogacy,” the book adds. Noting a growing commercial surrogacy market in developing countries”, it continues to claim: “The potential for pay-for-baby arrangements has implications for the objectification and enslaving of women’s bodies. We have to ask if it is fair on the child who will never know both of his or her biological parents.”


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