Many gay men refuse to come out to their co-workers, study finds


New research by the University of Cincinnati shows that gay men mostly hide their sexuality from their work colleagues. Travis Dean Speice – who lead the study – quizzed 30 gay men between 22-52 on the concepts of masculinity, femininity, and gayness.

He found that many of the interviewees worried that their sexuality may weaken their chances of being hired or promoted. From the initial interview to moving up the ladder at work, if a gay man feels his supervisors don’t agree with a gay population, he may not want to reveal his sexuality to them,” Specie said.

Men may change the way they dress, the way they talk and stop them from opening up about their private life at work. The interviewees also worried about being thought of as “too gay” in their body language and dress sense. Some participants also believed that particular colours or patterns on clothing could “give their sexuality away”.


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