75-year-old aunt wrote a sweet pro-LGBT song as a gift to her niece’s lesbian wedding


When we think about a 75-year-old lady who is a deeply religious Christian, this is the last person to be pro-LGBT. But Sherri Gray, from Nashville, Tennessee, smashes all the stereotypes. She adores her lesbian niece Shannon and gave her one of the best wedding present ever – the song about rainbow flag.

She sings: “Fly high, Sweet Flag… fly proud and free… protect our world community. Fly high with love, for hate’s a drag. We’re proud of you, Rainbow Flag. For we have values that we share — no matter who — no matter where. We pray one day all hate will cease, so that our world might live in peace. No matter how the evil try…yes, we have bled… yes, we have died. But hate will not tear us apart, for rainbow love lives in our heart. Though evil fights, our love will win…our Rainbow Flag will fly again. Evermore, its message rings…as six bright colours shine and sing. Violet for Human Spirit. (Every colour plays a part)… Green for Nature… Blue for Art… Yellow sunlight… Orange Healing… Red for Life… So many feelings! You bring us hope and pride, Rainbow Flag!”

We believe that the niece is excited with such a gift. Love your family members, be proud of them, think creatively and don’t follow stereotypes – this is what this story teaches us.


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