Adoption agency for LGBT is set up in Canada


A gay couple from Canada has launched the foster caring agency for LGBT kids. The agency, based in Ontario, has 30 young people on it’s list who are waiting to be place with families. The group also has 140 applications from potential foster families across Toronto, Windsor, London and Ottawa.

“It’s just amazing to me that we’ve failed these youth to this degree,” one of the founders says. “I just needed to do something because nobody else was actually doing anything about it.”“We’re actually going to be opening homes in all of those cities by the end of this year,” his husband added. The couple failed to start up in Toronto due to strict licensing, but later moved to Windsor where they were able to get a license. Now, they are hoping to expand their team across the country.

The couple were approached during the Pride parade in Windsor this year by a teenager in the foster care system. “He walked right up to us and said, ‘You’re the guys from the paper.’ And he started crying and he just hugged us. He said, ‘I’m in a group home, how I can I get your service?’” The couple don’t doubt the support they’ve received, but feel the LGBT community must continue to stand up for vulnerable youth. “We feel pretty strongly that unless we, as part of our communities, take up that role, the government and the public discourse is going to continue to erase us,” they said.


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