Daddy answered to trolls who criticized him for dressing up as a princess when he had attended Comic Con with his daughter


TheJohnBlog opened up on reddit after sharing images of him and his daughter dressed as Mario and Princess Peach. He was highly criticized for being a ‘bad role model’ for the girl. But the father responded on criticism with a a letter full of father’s love.

“When you become a parent, it does not take much work to make your child happy. From the time they are a baby to whichever milestone you decide is the one that will define their moment of becoming an adult, it isn’t difficult. “If they want to be silly and express themselves, and want to include you, (Spoiler alert: They will always want to include you.) You can cling to your masculinity or own hobbies and say, “No sweetie, I won’t play dollies with you, maybe mom will do that,” or “The game is on honey, go play in your room…” or you can do the little work,” he wrote.

Despite being divorced with the girl’s mother, the dad still wants to be a superhero in the girl’s eyes. “I had to up the positive reinforcement, make our time together more fun, but be cautious about becoming “Disneyland Dad.” The parent that has less time with his child so foregoes rules and discipline to always be the good guy,” he wrote. “I have been the “bad guy” a lot. I have taken away privileges and reminded her that her mother and I still had expectations of her and her behaviour. We both have strived to raise her to maintain her natural kindness, curiosity, and devotion to her education. Sometimes that means I get to wear the Princess outfit. Even if it means snickering from my coworkers, nasty comments from insecure men, religious bible thumpers, or homophobes. I was very shy and introverted at her age. I fight a lot to make sure she never suppresses her silliness because “People are staring.”

“My job as a parent is hard. It’s the hardest one I have ever had. But making your kids happy is not hard. I’ll put on a dress, I’ll hear my knees pop when I stoop for a tea party, I’ll sing along to a pop song I wouldn’t listen to on my own in a million years.” He signs the beautiful letter off by beating down the trolls: “If anyone else wants to call me a sissy, or worse, then I’ll blow you a kiss in my pretty dress, and keep YOUR poor kids in my thoughts.”


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