Clinton’s VP hopeful asks school leaders to teach LGBT acceptance


In his video filmed specially for the National Coming Out Day Tim Kaine emphasized that overcoming homophobia is a task of educational institutions, because people should understand from the earliest childhood that our word is based on diversity. We are all born different and if you offend someone for differing from you, one day someone will offend you because you differ from him or her.

In the video the politician says: “LGBT kids get bullied at a rate much higher than others.
“As part of school safety funding, we need to make sure that the school districts that receive funding are really serious about reducing bullying. It’s really important for adults, especially adults in leadership positions, to be very public about a message of, ‘Accept who you are, you’re going to be able to live a great life, just as you are’. It’s important to let kids now, be who you are, be proud of who you are. You’re made the way you’re made for a reason. You should celebrate that and accept it and not feel bad about it.” The Clinton campaign said : “As someone who has been standing up to bullies her whole life, Hillary Clinton, together with Tim Kaine, will continue fighting for the the LGBT community and celebrates National Coming Out Day.”


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