8 Alabama counties refuse to give marriage licences


Same-sex marriages were officially recognized in Alabama in January 2015. And since then many state counties refused to issue marriage licences at all, to both gay and heterosexual couples. And now, almost 2 years after that, at least 8 of them still continue refusing to give marriage licences.

If the counties did not give licences to same-sex couples only, it would be violating the law, so the counties just don’t give licences at all, it is legal to do it. In addition to the eight counties that won’t issue licenses, a further four refuse to perform marriage ceremonies.

Angi Stalnaker, a spokeswoman for Pike County, told the outlet: “Alabama law says probate judges may issue marriage licenses, but doesn’t require them to, so Judge Wes Allen got Pike County out of the marriage business altogether a couple of years ago. The Supreme Court said you can’t discriminate against individuals. He’s not discriminating because he’s not issuing licenses to anybody in Pike County.”


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