8-year-old boy became a victim of web trolls for dressing as Hillary Clinton on Halloween


The parents of the boy were blamed in child abuse, although the only massage they tried to send is that even the youngest member of their family loves Mrs. Clinton. And just because he has no legal right to vote yet, he shows his support the way he can – by means of Halloween costume. Donning a bright yellow coat, briefcase and clip-on earrings, the boy took to the streets of New York to campaign for his presidential favourite – and trick or treat, obviously. But the Twitter community attacked the boy giving offensive comments like “this is why gays should not be allowed to adopt” (the boy has two mothers).

But there also were those who supported the young Democrat. They said that the boy’s mothers are amazing parents of an amazing son, his Halloween style is very cute and there is no need to worry for the future of America if children have their opinion of politics and express it.


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