Former Congressman: Take up arms if Trump does not win

<> on May 16, 2012 in Washington, DC.

Joe Walsh, a Republican from Illinois, wrote in Twitter that on November 8 he is going to vote for Trump (nobody is surprised, he is a Republican) and if Trump loses, he will grab his musket the next day and he wants his followers to do the same.

Walsh, an often controversial figure, is not the first Trump supporter to suggest some revolution may take place. This comes after Trump himself suggested the election could be rigged against him. Some schools are to be closed on election day, for fear that there may be protests that could turn violent. Walsh had tweeted just hours before his “musket” message to slam the idea of closing schools on November 8. Authorities have expressed concern about violence around the election. Walsh previously declared “war” on the Black Lives Matter movement, writing: “Real America is coming for you.”


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