Former Trump supporter now wants to execute him for waving LGBT flag


The Republican Presidential nominee briefly waved an upside-down ‘LGBT for Trump’ Pride flag at a rally in Colorado. Such a behaviour, even though no word was said by Trump in support of LGBT, irritated one of his supporters, militant Christian activist Theodore Shoebat, who filmed a video in which he accused Trump of “bowing down to the sodomite agenda,” Right Wing Watch reported.

He fumed: “In an ideal society, anyone who supports homosexuality would be put to death. Bastards like [gay Republican] Peter Thiel over here would be hung or burned at the stake, and rightfully so. Guys like Donald Trump—I’m sorry, holding up that f*ggot flag, it’s unforgivable to me, it’s unforgivable—and in an ideal society, people like Mr Trump would also be put to death as well, and rightfully so.”

This is a picture of ideal society by Theodore Shoebat. And in the ideal society pictured by Gay News Europe nobody is put to death, people are different, but they have one common feature – loving, respecting and supporting one another.


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