Trans prisoner felt like an animal in the zoo


Trans prisoner Tara Hudson was sent to a male prison and she said that other prisoners treated her terribly. “I could tell that they weren’t really ready for a prisoner like myself,” she told the BBC. Because of my gender identity they felt they had to lock me up in segregation and keep me away from the main population of the prison. I felt like I was being persecuted by the state. I felt I had no rights. I felt like an animal in a zoo.”

Hudson lives as a woman for more than a year, but she has no official confirmation of her gender identity – legally she is male, so she was sent to a male prison. She was finally transferred to a female prison following a national outcry, but claims the system is still failing trans inmates. Just a month after Ms Hudson was moved to HMP Eastwood women’s prison, two trans prisoners died within weeks of each other while being kept in all-male facilities.


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