Anna Kendrick does not mind to have a lesbian love scene in Pitch Perfect 3


Anna Kendrick discussed the possibility to have female same-sex erotic scenes in Pitch Perfect 3. But at the same time there is no denying that trying to get a PG-13 rating might get in the way. Kendrick says that her character is likely to be in love with Brittany Snow’s and she would have nothing against showing it.

“There’s a specific fandom that ships Beca and Chloe, my and Brittany Snow’s characters from Pitch Perfect, so I feel like it would be a real betrayal to not choose Brittany. I mean, our characters are pretty much in a lesbian relationship. As far as we’re concerned, they’re secretly in love. We’ve joked that there will be all-out passionate lovemaking in the third movie. Too bad we still need that PG-13 rating.Despite that, she admitted that she still finds it hard to believe that some people consider her a gay icon. Oh, man. I’m such a straight, cis, Boringface McGee over here, so I love that that could be even a little true. The idea that I’m resonating with other people who have ever felt like outsiders is the coolest.”

The actress added that there are really many gay people in her surrounding and she considers them to be amazing. “I don’t even notice it, but then I’ll think about my 10 closest friends right now, male and female, and honestly, they’re all gay. Gay people have just always been in my life. I remember my parents having to tell me as a kid that there were people, like some people in our church, who objected to homosexuality. I was like, ‘Wait, so they’re idiots, right?’”


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