British straight couple entered into civil partnership


The first ever heterosexual couple enter into civil partnership in the Isle of Man 2 weeks ago. The couple just wanted to simplify the ceremony comparing to the traditional wedding which they might have a little bit later. “It helps couples more forward without having to get married right now,” the woman said, “To create full equality on the Isle of Man, they have allowed gay couples to get married but also to start civil partnerships.” She added she was surprised the rest of the UK hadn’t yet opened up the franchise to straight couples as it was normally progressive. In France, everybody can get a civil partnership. A lot of people don’t want to get married. ‘Marriage’ is a big word,” she added.

The conductor of the ceremony shared her impressions: “They are the first opposite-sex partners who have chosen a civil partnership. They were very happy and relaxed. It was just them and two witnesses. It’s the same sort of ceremony as a wedding but we use different wording. We don’t refer to the ‘bride’ and ‘groom’. They can exchange rings, but this couple didn’t. They are now civil partners for life.”


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