LGBT-supporting church restored Pride flags damaged by vandals


St James’ Church in West Hampstead, London, UK, has held a flag-raising ceremony to let the new rainbow and trans flags to wave above the church instead of those which were torn down by vandals a few weeks before.

When the pastor of the LGBT-inclusive church had discovered the flags destroyed, he had vowed “not give in to your bullying and threats” and to replace the flags as soon as possible, and he re-raised the flags in a ceremony. He was not alone in it. The Labour politician Tulip Siddiq was also there, on the ceremony. She proclaimed: “The LGBT and trans flags are flying again above St James – this time they’re staying up!”

The pastor made a speech: “I decided that they weren’t going to stop us – no, we’re not going to give in to that. We have the flags up proudly because it’s a statement of who we are. The flags show that this is a place of safety and everybody is welcome.”


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