Samantha Fox was afraid to label her sexuality


On Loose Women the diva of 80s told about her partner’s death, risky coming out and fear of labeling her sexuality. “I was a bit scared. People in Britain do know about it, and on Big Brother I talked about it. It was a good chance to speak about it in my own words. I did sit on the fence a little bit… I said I don’t believe in labels. For a long time I was a bit scared, because I did feel maybe – I’ve got of male fans and female fans too – and I was scared I would lose that fanbase.”

“The fact I was with Myra for 16 years and now I am in love again with another woman. It’s just I would say I prefer to be with women. It’s lovely being in love, don’t ever forget that. Be true to yourself. It wasn’t until I met Myra, really, that I fell in love with a woman. I just believe that love is far greater than anything. You can’t help who you fall in love with. If you fall in love with somebody, you fall in love with them. You can’t help that can you.”


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