Canadian anti-gay group member wore a sweater saying that he is ready for murder


The member of Canadian ATG group (which is anti-LGBT) wore a sweater, the text on which said that he would kill any gay person who could possibly approach him. When the aggressive text on the sweater went viral, the group claimed to be unrepentant . The man who wore it, Julien Clément, said that there is nothing for him to regret about because he really hates gays.

Clément was spotted at a haunted house event. He was reported to event staff, who have filed a report with local belief. It remains to be seen whether this will classify as hate speech and Clément will be charged. Criminal defence lawyer Paul Lewandowski said: “In my view, the shirt, when it starts saying things like ‘if you approach me, I will kill you’ and you’re the member of an identifiable group, in this case somebody who’s homosexual, then yes, it could constitute Section 319 of the Criminal Code and could be prosecuted.”


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