RuPaul’s Drag Race judge claims Obamas and Clintons to be both criminals


The gay music producer has radically expressed his anti-Democratic political views, arguing against the current President, who is Democrat, and the Presidential hopeful from the Democratic party on election 2016 Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill, who also used to be the USA President.

In Twitter he accused both Clintons of corruption and even murders. He also mocked Barack Obama and called his wife Michelle to be an idiot. Later, he took to Periscope to sing a slightly crazed song claiming that the Clintons are paedophiles, Barack Obama is not American and that the election is rigged.

He also claimed that Portia De Rossi is cheating on wife Ellen DeGeneres, before laughing at a gay music producer because he is HIV positive. Unsurprisingly, Piane’s actions were quickly criticised, with Drag Race royalty Willam one of the first to challenge the music producer’s increasingly worrying outbursts.


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