Australian same-sex couples shared their stories to show that equality is needed


The issue of the marriage equality public vote is now the most actual for Australia. So there are many couples who are personally connected with it and who try to urge their compatriots to vote in their support.

Dan and Miki, farm owners in new South Wales, were among those who told their love story. “When I first met Miki it was more or less instant. There was definitely an instant attraction and it got serious pretty quick for me,” Dan says, “I think what makes our relationship work so well is that we are different people. We play to each others strengths and weaknesses. The commitment is there and getting married would be a way of demonstrating that,” his beloved adds, “Commitment is showing you’re willing to work together, to get through whatever it is you’re going through. Getting married would be a way of demonstrating that. I think marriage equality would make a change in Australia in that LGBTQI people would feel that their love is as important as anyone else. We don’t want anything more than anyone else, we just want the same. We have now found our voice and we’re not going anywhere”


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