A man who harassed 14-year-old boy tried to blame his ‘twin brother’


Robert Mason, 41, had targeted a 14-year-old schoolboy on the bus in Newcastle-under-Lyme, poking his neck and stroking him underneath his shirt. The criminal denied his guilt even when he was identified. He said that he had an identical twin who was to blame.

He said: “I have not been doing anything. It is my twin brother. He is gay. I am sick of him doing it. He is always doing it.” But according to Metro the prosecutor claimed: “The complainant felt fingers on the back of his head. He re-positioned himself so he could see the man out the corner of his eye. He felt uneasy but tried to forget about it. The bus left the station at about 4pm. The man behind him started to poke his head with his finger gently again. He did so several times. Each time he did this the victim looked at him to say: ‘What are you doing?’ But the man put his head down and looked at the floor. It was almost like he was playing a child’s game.” Mason was handed a three-year community order with a rehabilitation activity requirement after admitting sexual assault.


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