Bisexual boxer Nicola Adams opens up about stereotypes and prejudice in her sport


British double Olympic winner says that it was not so easy for her to come out and now it is still a challenge for her to be a professional sportsman and an out bisexual at once. It was hard to come out even to her own mother “It took a lot of courage … I knew one other person in my school who was the same and we talked. We hadn’t come out and we were thinking, ‘What is the best approach? How do I tell my mum?’ You never know how the family is going to react, so I was nervous”, the boxer told GQ.

Asked whether it was difficult being photographed in public with her partner, who is also a boxer, for the first time, the fighter said she was fortunate never to have had a bad reaction to her sexuality: “Racism, yes. Sexism, yes, in boxing – people saying women shouldn’t box. I’ve never come across homophobia.” Adams hopes to use her celebrity to inspire others: “I would like to do more for the LGBT community, try to help people. I can’t do as much as I would like because of the training.”


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