Foster carers refuse to give children to gay parents


Christian foster carers insisted that the kids they care about should be given only to a ‘normal’ family – a mother and a father. The pair have been caring for the children since earlier this year, but were told they would not be able to adopt the children due to their negative viewpoint towards the LGBT community.
After they were informed the children would be adopted by a gay couple, the foster father asked: “Are you joking?”

Two days after after being told the news, the husband and wife formally applied to adopt the children themselves, but were rejected due their “discriminatory” stance. The pair are now attempting to veto the council’s decision with the aid of the anti-gay Christian Legal Centre (CLC) – who argue that it is the foster couple being discriminated against due to their religious beliefs.

The CLC’s staunchly homophobic leader Andrea Williams said the parents were “shocked and bewildered” by the council’s decision. “We have here a couple who are very successful at fostering these pre-school age children who are thriving in their care,” Mrs Williams told The Independent. “Suddenly to be told they would be placed in a same-sex household, this really came out of the blue to them. To be told that there viewpoint was discriminatory, that their fitness to adopt was coming into question, and told the children would be removed, was very difficult for them. They believe that the children, who have had a very difficult start in life, need a mother and father. They shouldn’t be inhibited for making that opinion because that is freedom of expression.”


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