Gender-neutral bathroom sign considers clean hands to be more important


The new bathroom sign at Canadian school, although it concerns a very serious issue, still makes students laugh. A large blue sticker has been placed on the door of the school’s bathroom with an image of a person wearing both trousers and a dress standing next to a person in a wheelchair. The sign simply reads: “Whatever. Just wash your hands.”

Students say that this gender-neutral bathroom sign may not be the first in their district, but it is probably the most eye-catching, which is really important. “We needed to promote that it was there,” says Aaron – a member of the school’s gay-straight alliance group, who asked that his surname not be revealed as he is still coming out as trans to those that know him. Aaron added that his fellow students’ reaction was exactly as it was expected to be: “They’re like, ‘Oh my gosh. That’s so cool!’ Like they’re so proud of our school for being able to come that far.”


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