Gay man had his head cracked on election evening


Chris Ball says that people who attacked him were homophobes, which is almost obvious, and they were celebrating their favourite Donald Trump’s election victory. The victim had been watching the election results in a bar with some friends when the group began hurling homophobic abuse at them, yelling “f**king faggots” before launching a violent attack. Shortly after it was revealed that Trump had beaten his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, Mr Ball says left the bar alone and was attacked in a nearby alleyway by the group.

Mr. Ball told ‘Metro’ that the men smashed a bottle over head, causing him to fall to the floor and black out. Mr Ball was left unconscious by his attackers and later awoke to find himself lying in a pool of his own blood. He then called friends, who rushed him to the hospital, where he received five staples to stem the bleeding. His friend Noah Kentis later shared a series of pictures of the attack on Facebook, which have seen been seen over 4,000 times. “To celebrate Trump’s win last night, some Trump supporters decided to smash a beer bottle into my close friend’s head last night for being gay, sending him to the ER,” Mr Kentis wrote. “And it’s not Trump that I fear, it’s his supporters that have already resorted to violence, just because of the energy they feed off of him,” he added.“I hope this is not what our future truly looks like.” But Chris himself (who by the way wrote on Facebook that he is alright. extremely grateful to everyone who supports him, and still very gay) denies that the crime was politically motivated and says that alcohol is the only thing to blame.


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