LGBT Republicans attacked anti-Trump activists even though they don’t support the election winner themselves

GRAND JUNCTION, CO - OCTOBER 18: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump leaves a rally at Grand Junction Regional Airport on October 18, 2016 in Grand Junction Colorado. Trump is on his way to Las Vegas for the third and final presidential debate against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

Even though the LGBT Republicans refused to endorse the newly-elected USA President Donald Trump, they attacked so-called LGBT lefts over speaking against him. President of Log Cabin, Gregory T. Angelo, wrote in a fundraising letter to supporters in which he said: “For the past three weeks I’ve been in regular communication with the Trump Transition Team. While Log Cabin Republicans was working to have a relationship with out nation’s incoming chief executive, the LGBT Left was busy demonising Donald Trump and fundraising off of bogeymen. Collectively, LGBT advocacy organisations on the Left have staff in the hundreds. Budgets in the millions. And yet, they don’t have a single point of contact in the incoming Trump administration. Log Cabin Republicans does.” He also admitted that the group was “quietly working behind-the-scenes to ensure the advances in LGBT freedom we have made thus far remain secure and continue in a Trump administration.” The group supports Trump himself but does not endorse his Presidency due to the First Amendment Defence Act played into their decision to oppose the Republican runner. The act exists to prevent federal government action against individuals and businesses that oppose same-sex marriage on religious ground.


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