50 Cent was noticed in a gay club despite several homophobic remarks


The rapper was hosting in Voyeur, the famous Philadelphia gay nightclub, with an aim to promote his vodka. But the club owners and visitors were surprised and annoyed with choosing such a location, because 50 Cent, mildly speaking, does not belong to LGBT-supportive celebrities.

Last year, he said TV show Empire had lost millions of viewers because of ‘gay stuff’. He has also claimed that gay men should kill themselves. Jay Simmons told G-Philly 50 Cent’s attendance had made the club feel very different. “It feels like a black club up in here … they done brought 50 Cent out,” he said, “I haven’t heard this much rap music played here in one night — they really trying to get those black coins.” Another patron, Davante Rashad, said: “Why 50 Cent — he’s not even gay. “He’s homophobic as f*ck and he’s just using us to buy his f*cking vodka.”


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