Jussie Smollett: People supporting Trump are desperate


The openly gay Empire actor has recently opened up about what he feels concerning the Presidential election in the USA and the newly-elected President. ‘I think that these are desperate times, desperate, desperate, desperate people. I’m not saying that every single Donald Trump supporter is a desperate person. No, actually I am. I am, but [he is] playing to people’s fears, fears of being less powerful.’

‘[Homophobia] is the brainwashing of society. It’s the poisoning of hate. … You only become a horrible person when you violate my basic human rights,’ Smollet tells HIV Plus Magazine. ‘That is when it becomes a problem, when you start being the aggressor in two consenting adults and the life that they live. That is what makes you an asshole. It’s this lack of understanding, it’s this lack of care.’


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