New Kids on the Block star gets engaged


Jonathan Knight has announced that he and his beloved Harley Rodriguez are engaged. Knight proposed Rodriguez during Africa holiday and received a positive answer. ‘I just figured this was the time to pop the question and make it official,’ Knight said Tuesday (15 November) on Jenny McCarthy’s Sirius XM series Inner Circle. ‘I went out and bought rings three weeks before we left for Africa. He had no clue.’

There were hippopotamus in the background and we saw crocodiles swimming by and everything,’ Knight said, ‘Oh, and it was a super moon on top of that, so it was absolutely beautiful and so romantic. See, that’s the funny thing with two guys: It’s always hard like, who proposes? Who asks? And I think that was our problem,’ Knight said. ‘Like the whole time I’d been waiting for him to ask, he’d probably been waiting for me to ask, and it just gets to a point where somebody’s gotta do it. Then the whole getting on your knee thing—I was thinking about that, too. Then I was like, “No, we aren’t really that type of couple.”‘


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