Will Trump appoint a gay ambassador?


There are rumors that a gay man is going to represent the USA in the UN. Richard Grenell was serving under four UN Ambassadors when George W. Bush was President. Grenell, who is a registered Republican, has broke ranks with many in his party by advocating LGBT rights. He supported the Supreme Court decision to legalise same-sex marriage in 2015. While working at the UN he was unsuccessful in having his partner, Matt Lashey, listed as a spouse in the organisation’s Blue Book. Briefly, during Mitt Romney’s unsuccessful White House run in 2012, he served as an advisor on national security but is believed to have resigned abruptly over issues with his sexuality.He is known for actively criticizing the policy of the Democratic government. If Donald Trump appoints him, Grenell would still have to be confirmed by the Senate. He would be the first openly gay man to fill a Cabinet-level foreign policy post. It’s also believed the President-elect is considering a woman for the Republican National Committee chair. Ronna Romney McDaniel would be the first woman to hold the position in decades.


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