Charmed star warns about an upcoming war for LGBT


Rose McGowan spoke about Donald Trump and predicts a future for which the Americans should wait under his presidency. “I didn’t want to wake up to a Donald Trump presidency, so I didn’t go to sleep. It was a gray morning, as if the sun didn’t want to waste its rays,” McGowan recalled in an interview. “Sick to my stomach, I roamed the desolate morning streets of New York. Everyone who was laughing was suspect. Everyone with dull eyes my immediate compatriot. Welcome to a divided America. This is a war on women, this is a war on LGBTQ and anybody who goes under the definition of ‘other’,” Rose said.

McGowan has been a controversial figure on LGBT+ rights in the past. Last year she hit out at Caitlyn Jenner – claiming she has “male privilege” and “doesn’t understand” being female. It’s not the first time the actress has been outspoken on LGBT issues – she apologised last year after claiming that gay people “fought for the right to stand on top of a float wearing an orange speedo” taking MDMA.


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