More than 50% of Chinese LGBT people want to stay in closet at least for 5 years


The study provided among social apps users in China showed that men who identify themselves as gay or bi there, are not going to speak about their sexuality out loud in real life at least for next 5 years.

The survey was conducted by Blued, a gay lifestyle app, and asked questions to 16,690 LGBT+ people, as well as 3,310 non LGBT+ people. Less gay or bisexual women said they had no plans come out in the next five years, at 49 percent compared to 55 percent of gay and bi men saying they wouldn’t come out. 39 percent of lesbians said they planned to come out within a few years, compared to just 23 percent of gay men.

Family pressures measured high on the reasons why, with 75 percent mentioning family as a reason they may not come out.The public perception of gay people also factored in with 61 percent mentioning that as a reason. The survey also asked the geographic location of the respondents, with 70 percent saying they lived in less-developed cities like Chengdu and Chongqing.


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