Trump’s potential Supreme Court judge wants to forbid gays to have sex


Donald Trump previously claimed that even though his policy is considered to be anti-LGBT, marriage equality in the USA is already a fact and he is not going to change it. But not all potential Supreme Court judges will agree with it.

The former Alabama Attorney General upheld a law in 2003 in Texas which criminalises consensual gay sex, comparing it to “polygamy, incest, pedophilia, prostitution, and adultery”. He added that gay people should had been chased by law for having sex.

“This Court has never recognised a fundamental right to engage in sexual activity outside of monogamous heterosexual marriage, let alone to engage in homosexual sodomy,” wrote Pryor. “Such a right would be antithetical to the ‘traditional relation of the family’ that is ‘as old and as fundamental as our entire civilisation.” He also defended straight people’s right to have anal sex, saying straight anal sex was better than same-sex anal sex. “Texas is hardly alone in concluding that homosexual sodomy may have severe physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual consequences, which do not necessarily attend heterosexual sodomy, and from which Texas’s citizens need to be protected,” he wrote. Going on, he said there was “no fundamental right to engage in homosexual sodomy just because it is done behind closed doors… Because homosexual sodomy has not historically been recognised in this country as a right; to the contrary, it has historically been recognised as a wrong. It is not a fundamental right.”


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