New Google hangout gives legal consulting to LGBT families

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After electing Donald Trump as a President of the USA and accepting his policy, which is radically anti-LGBT, a set of non-profit organizations decided to provide legal help to LGBT community members before Trump takes his post.

Path2Parenthood, a US not for profit organisation, and fertility and life coach, Kristen Darcy, have joined together to provide urgent information for existing and hopeful LGBT parents. Ken Mosesian, Path2Parenthood’s Executive Director, said: “We’ve created this hangout to help LGBT persons clearly understand what immediate and future steps they need to take, to protect their relationships and their families, and to provide a realistic timeline for the changes that may occur to marriage equality and a woman’s right to choose”.

The new hangout is set to include the information concerning potential changes to marriage equality, second-parent adoption and parentage procedures, plus passport, and birth certificate advice for children of LGBT parents.


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