South Carolinians gather to commemorate dead trans people


Dozens of people gathered near the State House in Columbia, South Carolina, in memory of transgender people who were killed in the USA this year. Despite the event being an annual one, this year has an even more sombre tone as this year on 11 November, became the deadliest year ever for trans people in the US.

“We read the names of those who were killed violently because of being trans,” said Kate Hoffman of the Harriet Hancock LGBT Center. “Due to the increase amounts of hate speech because of the election season, there was a concern for safety and publicity. So there is a lot of youth who aren’t going to be here and most of those are trans youth of color,” Hoffman adds. “So we can’t promise youth that they are safe. I can’t promise them that they are safe and I can protect you because that’s not a reasonable promise I can make. But I can tell them you are safe with me and we are safe together. Unfortunately it’s impossible to even know or have the statistics to read all of the names of the people who were lost due to the stigma attached to being trans.”


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