13-year-old boy commits suicide after years of abuse by peers


A gay 13-year-old has taken his own life after being emotionally and physically bullied for many years. Tyrone Unsworth of Brisbane, took his own life, his mother said, and that he had suffered through two years of homophobic abuse which put him to the edge.

Among other insults and physical abuse, Unsworth was called a “fairy” and a “gay boy”.
She told the Courier Mail: “He was a really feminine male, he loved fashion, he loved make-up and the boys always picked on him, calling him gay-boy, f****t, fairy; it was a constant thing from Year 5.” Writing online, she said: “I know your pain free now son and they cant pick on you anymore, but this shouldn’t of had to happen,” Amanda wrote online after seeing her son’s lifeless body. “I just wanted him to wake up and come home with me. All of this Because of BULLIES thinking there tough ero’s. now i dont have my SON never will i ever get to see my beautiful boy alive.”


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