A new song asks about how to combine loving people of your sex with loving Christ


Californian singer-songwriter Danielle LoPresti understands that Christians and LGBT people often don’t like each other. But at the same time there are LGBT Christians (even among celebrities) who love Jesus and follow Him knowing that He loves them too, just the way they are. And there cannot be any paradox in it.

The video for the new song shows a pastor meeting with members of her congregation who are LGBT.
When challenged on their identities, the families argue that is “love is love” and they feel just as much a part of their religion as their heterosexual pastor. The video then delves into the Bible’s quotes – illustrating that for every line that appears to show homophobia, there is another that contradicts it. “The Bible also says that polyester is wrong, and that it’s OK for me to sell my daughter,” one woman in a same-sex relationship responds.

LoPresti told the Huffington Post: “One of the most beautiful things about this song, for me, is that it is so purely personal, so deeply and exactly true, and yet utterly universal, all at once,” she said. “As with most things, when we have the courage to tell our stories, we discover over and over again how connected we all are.” So, the conclusion is that loving God does not stop you from being the way you are whatever the homophobic church leaders may say.


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