Gender-neutral bathrooms in a London school caused complaints of parents


The parents of the pupils of one of the schools in East London are irritated with the school’s new gender-neutral bathroom policy. The parents are afraid that it may influence on sexual behaviour of their kids.

One mother said: “This concept of mixed toilets will not only make children feel differentiated but shame in using toilets. This will initiate more sexualised behaviour. It would be better to keep it separated as it’s safer. The toilets leading to the corridor can still be open, for staff to oversee single sex toilets. Having the unisex toilets will allow nothing but more mischievous behaviour.” But at the same time there are also those parents who completely support the idea of gender neutrality at schools. One of such parents said: “Everyone should be able to use the toilet in peace whether in unisex or single sex toilets. Hopefully the kids will be taught to be respectful of each other, whether in the toilets or not.”


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