Pakistani trans woman demands more rights in court

Pakistani transgenders carry placards as they rally to mark World Aids Day in Karachi on November 30, 2013. World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1 every year to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and to demonstrate international solidarity in the face of the pandemic. AFP PHOTO/Asif HASSAN (Photo credit should read ASIF HASSAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Waqar Ali filed the petition with the help of trans advocate Sheraz Zaka. It calls on Pakistan to provide better protection for the transgender community in light a rise of attacks and abuse. The petition says that trans people are treated with disrespect and it often does b not allow them to receive the options which must be provided by the state – in part identity cards.

The two demanded in the petition that the court would help the federal government create legislature on the welfare of those in the trans community. They said the transgender community had been socially isolated but as a human being they equally deserve respect, honour and opportunities to excel in life in the country.

They requested the court to inform the government to include a column in the census forms for the registration of transgenders so the government could allocate resources according to their numbers. Violence against trans people in Pakistan is now widespread.


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