Attractive women are more likely to make friends with gay men, research finds


The scientists of the university in Texas have proven that the more beautiful a woman is, the more likely she is to look for a company of gay men as her potential friends. The study showed that beautiful women are unlikely to make friends with straight men because they are afraid that their friends will consider them as potential sexual partners. And there is no such danger while communicating with gays.

In order to come to its conclusions, the study first photographed 68 ladies in tight clothing and asked a group of 103 heterosexual men and women to rate the pictures based on their attractiveness. The male group were then asked to rate the women on the probability of ‘mating reactions’, such as seducing each individual and persuading her to have sex with him. The females in the study were asked to rate the pictures on how likely they were to compete with the women in the photos for a partner and how threatened they felt by them.

The second part of the study asked the 68 photographed women, at this point all rated for their attractiveness and their perceived threat/openness to seduction, to assess a group of people for their ideal friendship circle. The group consisted of straight and gay males and females. The women were then asked to place ‘friend dollars’ beside their chosen companions. Researchers noticed that the highly-rated attractive women were cashing in their dollars on gay male friends.


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