Orlando Cruz won’t become the world boxing champion. At least now


The openly gay boxer who previously said that his dream was to become the first gay world boxing champion in order to inspire those gay boxers who’re still hiding their sexuality to come out, has lost his chance this time.

Cruz was up against reining champion Terry Flanagan for the bid to win the WBO Lightweight Championship, he truly hoped o win but unfortunately he lost. Before the fight Cruz spoke about his rival: “Terry Flanagan is a true World Champion and will defend his title with everything he has. However, I am prepared and ready for victory and to be crowned the new World Champion. I want to inspire the gay community by becoming a World Champion on Saturday. Terry is a great Champion and a real people’s person. More importantly, he respects my life and my choices. He sees the man boxing him and that is it. Everyone has been very supportive since I came out three years ago. I have the support of my family, friends and fans.”


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