New UKIP leader claims to have no problems with diversity because his deputy is gay

Newly-elected leader of the UK Independence Party, Paul Nuttall (C), reacts as he arrives to attend the party's leadership announcement in central London on November 28, 2016. Britain's anti-EU party UKIP elected former history lecturer Paul Nuttall as its new leader to take over from Brexit firebrand Nigel Farage, a political ally of US President-elect Donald Trump. / AFP / BEN STANSALL (Photo credit should read BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

The UK Independence Party chief Paul Nuttall has defended his diversity record because his deputy Peter Whittle is ‘an open homosexual’. Mr Whittle is a member of the London Assembly and was the party’s candidate for Mayor of London in 2015. Facing questions about his all-white and all-male appointments so far, Mr Nuttall said: “Oh come on, that’s splitting hairs… I’ve literally appointed three people! If you want diversity, Peter Whittle my deputy is an open homosexual, if you want diversity. There will be lots of women who will be announced in my new team over the next 72 hours.”

But it differs radically from the claims Nuttell made just a year ago. “There are around 60 countries that currently bar people who are HIV-positive from entry, according to the United Nations, and we should follow suit. The cost of treating someone with HIV in the UK is estimated at around £18,000 per year, although this does vary depending on the type and number of drugs taken and the stage of the infection.” We should introduce systems similar to those in Australia and Canada where long term admission is basically barred if migrants health conditions are considered a danger to public health or safety or would cause excessive demand on the health care system.”

“Twelve percent of Catholics have already indicated that they are going to vote, or have already voted, UKIP.On moral issues, we, more than any other political party, are more in line with Catholic thought. Whether it’s on gender-choice abortion or same-sex marriage, we are absolutely 100 percent behind the Catholic Church,” he used to insist, “If [Labour’s] Tristram Hunt thinks this is a progressive move he is totally wrong and his justification that it will help tackle homophobic bullying is just politically correct nonsense. This proposal is just further evidence of how out of touch Labour is with the families they purport to represent and a very good reason not to vote for them. Rather than helping tackle problems of domestic violence and rape in future years, as given as another woolly reason for introduction, it is going to confuse and worry these little children.”


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