Russian teacher was sacked for having lesbian sex with her pupil


Rumia Husainova, 24, was given a three-year suspended prison sentence and it was forbidden for her to teach. The court heard Husaivona had sex with her 15-year-old pupil on August 21. The pair had been playing a sex game that resulted in the pupil rupturing internal organs. The pair waited over two hours before reporting the issue to authorities, when paramedics found the girl on her teacher’s bed bleeding profusely.The teacher said that the girl had been the initiator of their sexual relationships. “She wanted it and she asked me to do it,” the teacher said. The teenager said she was having suicidal thoughts, and would take her own life if Husaivona refused to continue seeing her. “She told me that if I parted with her, she would commit suicide, so I did not do this.” Sentencing her, the judge said she had “fully cooperated” with investigators. The teacher admitted the relationship had been going on for two months before the girl was injured.


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