1\3 of MSM don’t know how HIV is transmitted

Hiv- Aids

Terrence Higgins Trust has surveyed over 2,000 adults including 118 gay and bi men are still believing inaccurate myths about HIV. They believe that the virus might be transmitted by kissing or using a common toothbrush. ‘Thankfully, we now know far more about how HIV is and is not transmitted, and medical advances now mean HIV doesn’t have to stand in the way of living a long and healthy life. But it’s not over – while science has moved on, we can see today that inaccurate myths from the 1980s are still deeply entrenched in society, both in terms of how HIV is transmitted, and what it’s like to live with HIV. Misunderstanding of the virus can fuel stigma and cause immense distress for people coming to terms with an HIV diagnosis. Much more needs to be done to bring the British public up to date with what HIV means in 2016.’


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