Government demands sexual education to be mandatory

French students work on the test of Philosophy as they take the baccalaureat exam (high school graduation exam) on June 18, 2012 at the Pasteur high school in Strasbourg, eastern France. Some 703.059 candidates are registered for the 2012 session. The exam results will be announced on July 6, 2012. AFP PHOTO / FREDERICK FLORIN (Photo credit should read FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP/GettyImages)

The British Parliamentary committee forced the country’s government to review the future of sex and relationship education. In a recent report, the Women and Equalities Committee looked at the shocking amount of sexual harassment and sexual assault in British schools. The report highlighted poor sex education as a key contributing factor, with sex ed guidance – last updated 16 years ago – failing to address many modern issues. The committee, chaired by Conservative former Culture Secretary Maria Miller, urged the government to “immediately update its guidance on SRE” to reflect 2016 technology and concerns, and to “make SRE a statutory subject”.

Ministers, according to the report by PinkNews, claimed: “We will look at how what is taught in PSHE and SRE can fit into a whole school approach and reflected in codes of practice. We are conscious that the existing SRE guidance was last updated in 2000 and the case for further action on PSHE and SRE delivery is actively under review, with particular consideration to improving quality and accessibility.” Labour’s Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary Sarah Champion said: “The Government must bring in legislation to ensure every school takes action to prevent and respond effectively to sexual harassment and sexual violence. The findings of the committee demonstrate that the Government’s failure to do so is putting children and teenagers in the way of physical and psychological harm.”


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