Northern Irish politician was sure that gays only could have HIV


Trevor Clarke, from the DUP, called for a new HIV awareness campaign after it was pointed out to him by a charity of the myths he still believed. ‘When I came here in 2007, I would have dismissed the possibility that I would speak about HIV today, because I was one of those who did not understand the stigma attached to it,’ he said in an address to the Assembly recently. ‘I have to put on record my thanks to Jacquie Richardson from Positive Life. Meeting her for the first time was a turning point for me, having been ignorant of the fact that the disease also affects heterosexual people.’ At the same time the politician underlines that now he knows more about HIV and urges people to prevent it. ‘I am not trying to get a rise out of Mr McCann when I say this, but I feel that his amendment, had he moved it, would have been unhelpful to people who, like me, were ignorant of the fact that this disease can affect heterosexuals,’ Clarke said.


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