Pakistani trans activist debuted as a model


However conservative Pakistan may be concerning transgender people, this Muslim country now has a trans model. Kami Sid is one of the country’s most vocal and best known activist, who has been interviewed by a number of national and international publications and featured on the BBC’s ‘How Gay Is Pakistan?’ documentary. Sid made history by becoming the first ever transgender model of Pakistan.

Together with Karachi-based stylist Waqar J Khan, photographer Haseeb M Siddiqi, and makeup artist Nighat Misbah, she staged a powerful photoshoot dedicated to tackle Pakistan’s transphobia. ‘When Waqar, who is also a friend of mine, approached me to do the shoot, I was totally on board but unsure about how it would do,’ she told Pak News Club, ‘I just feel it’s a great platform and opportunity for me to not only explore my talents but also represent the transgender community with dignity in front of mainstream society.’

‘The transgender community has remained backstage for too long, doing makeup or other errands,’ Sid said. ‘By now we should be able to come forward and let people know that we too are a force to be reckoned with.’


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