Ask Federal Judge to Reverse School Board Bathroom Decision


The attorneys of three transgender students at Pine-Richland High School have asked a federal judge to have the school district allow their clients to use gender-appropriate bathrooms, while the students’ lawsuit is heard by the court or settled.Back in September, the Pine-Richland School Board made the decision to bar the transgender students from using gender-appropriate bathrooms.CBS Pittsburg reported that according to one of the complainant’s mothers, Lisa Evancho, the board gave them the choice of using, “the unisex bathroom or use the bathroom that is aligned with her birth certificate.”The three students filed a lawsuit back in October, but are not allowed to use gender-appropriate bathrooms in the meantime. For years before the school coard decision, the students say that they were allowed to use gender-appropriate bathrooms.

“It marginalizes us,” said one of the students, Juliet Evancho, in an interview to CBS Pittsburg back in September, “It makes us feel even more separated.”The district has stated that Title IX does not protect the students as it defines gender in strictly biological terms. The district also maintains that their decision is to protect the privacy of other students.


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