LBC presenter Katie Hopkins has asked for someone to explain why the NHS is funding the HIV-prevention drug PrEP.


The contentious presenter thinks it is “utterly bonkers” because “Why would we be funding a drug so that promiscuous people are at less risk of HIV?”This comes after the news that 10,000 gay men are to be offered a trial of the drug on the NHS which could lead to it being offered out on a wider scale.Katie Hopkins said that if people are being promiscuous they should not have their lifestyle funded by the taxpayer when the NHS is already in financial crisis.

She said: “As you would expect if you are having promiscuous sex, if you’re having sex with a lot of different partners, and you’re not using protection the risk of transmitting other diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, is still as high, if not higher.“Are we surely not creating a situation where we are encouraging behaviours that are not helpful to the population? Why would the taxpayer be wanting to pay this…?”


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